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10 trends that will help win customers in 2020
Customer experience has long been not just a buzzword, but an important trend that will reach a new level in 2020. These are the client's impressions of interaction with the…

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How do businesspeople act in a crisis
Many young entrepreneurs tend to be afraid of the word "crisis". The moment is quite difficult, a turning point that requires changes both in your own mind and in your…

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What business to invest in: looking for options
There is no risk in business without risk, and it is the risk that represents the "reverse side of the coin". Initially, it is very important to determine the profitability…

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That awkward moment

The negotiations — a delicate thing. Sometimes the sales Manager feels that he did everything right, but the deal still did not take place. Does this mean that he was actually wrong? Maybe not. But it is likely that he, without realizing it, caused rejection in a potential client.

Jeffrey James, author of the Sales Source blog, shared a list of such actions. Everyone who needs to convince someone or sell something from time to time should get acquainted with it. Read it, and if you notice something like this behind you, stop immediately:

1. Talk to the client’s teeth (instead of talking to them).

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Introverts in the office: rules of survival

The modern world is a world of smiling, sociable, very active in communication and leisure, physically healthy people, in which, unfortunately, there is little space for those who do not fit into the set framework.

At school, teachers encourage those who often reach out, and in the office, the management notes those who constantly offer something, even if these offers do not lead to anything. In addition, everyone likes sociable people, but closed ones do not.We hope that our article will make life easier for those who are uncomfortable even with the prospect of being the soul of the company of strangers, and will be useful for those who consider introverts arrogant, eccentric and even asocial individuals and do not hesitate to speak out loud about it. Continue reading

The cost of evolution: why is it pointless to fight procrastination and thank God

Every time I was about to start writing this article, something happened that required urgent intervention. A Facebook tab that was accidentally left open flickered — and now, I don’t remember why or how long ago, I’ve been meaninglessly scrolling through the social network feed…
As a result, I was irritated by the realization of the time I had wasted, and now I am upset and can’t collect my thoughts. I’ll get some tea. But I won’t waste any time, and while the kettle is boiling, I’ll check my email right in my smartphone. Oh, so many letters! I should have answered. Okay, I’ll answer later, when at least I start writing this article

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Aggressive seller

Today we will talk about how to protect yourself from aggressive sellers, and if you are connected with sales, how to avoid falling into all sorts of difficulties in trying to sell the customer at any price what he really does not need.

It doesn’t matter what you buy or sell: a car, a fitness club card, insurance, or a toaster.

We distinguish assertiveness from aggressiveness

There is a difference between conditionally positive assertiveness and definitely negative aggressiveness, and it is worth catching. Continue reading

Labor code: crimes and punishments

The biggest mistake employers make is hiring an employee without an employment contract. Many managers think that the absence of a contract removes their responsibility for non-compliance with labor laws

“The CEO of a fairly large Moscow trading company thought that if employees worked without a contract, he would be able to arbitrarily reduce or not pay their wages, as well as dismiss them at any time,” says Alexander Yu., a specialist in labor conflicts at one of the Moscow companies. ” However, according to the law, it is enough to find witnesses to labor relations to prove that they were. In addition, there are documents proving the fact of employment relations: payslips, orders, orders» Continue reading

Cloud of conflict - a tool for networking and transformation
Almost any state of tension can be expressed in the framework of the conflict model. The conflict model has at least three main advantages:First, we see the immediate problem with…


Labor code: crimes and punishments
The biggest mistake employers make is hiring an employee without an employment contract. Many managers think that the absence of a contract removes their responsibility for non-compliance with labor laws…


The philosophy of failure. How failures help you achieve success
Many people have a cherished dream. But why does not everyone decide to implement it? Perhaps it is because it is simply afraid to take on a difficult task: what…


Choosing equipment for catering — we don't spend too much, we get what we need
The restaurant business has been attracting aspiring entrepreneurs for decades. It's not about high profits and quick payback. Interest lies in the non-material plane. Your institution is a way of…