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Why you don't need to leave your comfort zone
As you know, "all self-improvement books boil down to the fact that a person from Miami advises a person in Magadan to get out of their comfort zone" — a…

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How to increase sales before the New year
Megaplan experts talk about five ways to stand out from the competition and attract more customers on the eve of the holiday. 1. Launch the new year's tariff or the…

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10 important career questions that are useful to answer before the start of the New year
According to the wonderful author Bernard Marr, honest and thoughtful answers to these simple questions will help you understand your own goals and boost your career in the coming year.…

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Professional burnout: what is expressed and how to deal with it

From time to time, each of us faces the problem of professional burnout, regardless of whether we love our work or consider it an unavoidable evil for survival.

Remember the feeling that occurs after you have finally finished a large and complex project and, before you have time to exhale, realized that finding the strength and motivation for a new project of the same scale will be very, very difficult.

Or suddenly you find yourself spending more energy than usual to stay afloat. Or you just got bored…

What is professional burnout? What are its main symptoms? How to overcome this unpleasant stage in your career? and how do you distinguish professional burnout from something much more serious? And how, in the end, to overcome this state? Continue reading

Why we don’t like age-related colleagues and how fair it is

Employees of retirement and pre-retirement age are often valuable professionals with extensive work experience and in some cases are cheaper than their younger colleagues. This is what makes employers put up with the peculiarities of older employees.

Relationships between young and old people are never simple. Changing epochs, material conditions of life, methods and technologies of communication sometimes lead to a complete lack of understanding.

“At your age, we melted steel, saddled horses, obeyed our elders, “”everything was wrong,” and so on. Continue reading

How to survive in a new workplace

A new job can be associated with a lot of dizzying opportunities and hopes. However, a job change is always exciting, no matter how many times you change it — the first or the tenth. You will certainly face unforeseen situations and the need to adapt to the features of the new company.
When you come to a new job, you at least know your schedule, are familiar with the boss, and have an idea of the rules of universal office etiquette. Most likely, you have also been given a General outline of the work you will be doing.

However, you will only learn the subtleties of everyday activities — which colleagues you will interact closely with, what style of communication is accepted in the company, what procedures you need to follow — during the first days of work. Continue reading

What smart people are silent about at work

On the one hand, it is impossible to build good relationships and succeed in networking without being open with your colleagues.

on the other hand, when you share various aspects of your life with others, do it in a smart way, carefully avoiding a number of topics that can negatively affect your relationships and even your career as a whole.

The ability to create a good impression of yourself among colleagues is a fine art. At work, people share their views and life experiences with the good purpose of building informal relationships with others.According to TalentSmart President and emotional intelligence coach Travis Bradberry, you need to be very careful when opening up different sides of yourself to your colleagues. Continue reading

Five advantages of owls over larks

The lark mode is still associated with hard work and piety, while the owl mode is associated with laziness, a Bohemian lifestyle, and a tendency to excess.Despite the fact that late rising is still considered something of a bad habit, the fact that you are an owl (or a lark) is predetermined genetically . And it’s not as bad as it might seem.

“The early bird catches the bug”, “the early bird catches the worm” is a proverb with a similar meaning exists in many languages. A huge number of articles have been written about the benefits of getting up at five in the morning, although it is usually not completely clear what exactly this benefit is.But getting up early and not getting enough sleep is fashionable.
Perhaps this is due to our collective “agricultural” unconscious: to get a good harvest, the farmer had to go to bed early and get up early, not waste time in order to have time to deal with all economic issues before sunset. Continue reading

How to increase sales before the New year
Megaplan experts talk about five ways to stand out from the competition and attract more customers on the eve of the holiday. 1. Launch the new year's tariff or the…


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