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New year's rake: how not to make a mistake at a corporate party
The CEO of a large and successful Russian company — by the way, an Expat who recently took up his position — was so worried about the arrangement of a…

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How to develop a business online?
Any business entity necessarily faces the need to solve the question of how to develop a business through the Internet. It is on the online spaces that the lion's share…

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Crisis in the fitness market: how to save business in a situation of forced lack of demand
Our Ludus Dome fitness and martial arts club is no exception to the current crisis for small and medium-sized businesses. By order of Rospotrebnadzor, the club's activities were suspended a…

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Small business with minimal investment — what to try?

To start your own business, you need an idea. Just do not necessarily look for the right ideas in your own head, a huge number of which have already been invented, described and work perfectly. You can simply view the ready-made options on the site and choose the one that you “like”.

Some small business options may seem completely crazy, while others-on the contrary, will make you really think. Whatever your idea, you need to know that you can become a self-sufficient businessman by starting a business with minimal investment. A profitable business does not always require large sums to start. And remember that the best idea can come to mind completely unexpectedly. The main thing is to carefully study the selected market segment and discard projects that are not profitable in advance. Continue reading

How to start your own business? Video.

If you think that business is really considered your element, and your idea is quite original and should bring real income, then you should definitely start your own business. The main thing is that you clearly understand that you will have to work much more than the required 40 hours a week and that you do not just want to earn a lot, but, above all, your goal is to implement your plans. So, are you ready to start, but don’t know how ? Then this article is for you.
The choice of the starting positio.
Once you are 100% sure that you want to become a businessman and work not “for your uncle”, but for “your favorite”, you need to decide how you should start. Continue reading

Where can I get start-up capital for a business? 4 ways to raise money!

Who wouldn’t want to own a large company? Perhaps no one would refuse such an opportunity, but the problem, as always, is one – finances. Wanting to start a business and become an entrepreneur is one thing, but being able to do it is quite another. A good business needs a good investment, otherwise there will be no business. Where to get start-up capital for business will be discussed later.

First, you should decide how much money you need to implement the idea. Of course, to decide, there must be a specific business project. Becoming a businessman is a great dream, but it is not enough, you need to be specific. Continue reading

Choosing equipment for catering — we don’t spend too much, we get what we need

The restaurant business has been attracting aspiring entrepreneurs for decades. It’s not about high profits and quick payback. Interest lies in the non-material plane.

Your institution is a way of self-expression, an opportunity to create an “ideal model”, to get a reputation as a gourmet and restaurateur. People have always loved those who can feed them well.

Let’s move from the lyrics to the facts. In 2014, 730 new restaurants were opened in Russia only in the fast food segment and only from existing chain establishments. The number of independent projects in all three formats is significantly higher. Over the past five years, the market has shown growth of 25-30% annually. It looks like an impressive dynamic. Continue reading

Why will having free Wi-Fi increase the profitability of Your business?

Fortunately or unfortunately, today a large number of people simply depend on the Internet. Given that the Internet is constantly evolving, and such major search engines as Yandex and Google constantly changing their algorithms, and adjusting it for mobile devices, the future of the Internet is still ahead.

Why will having free Wi-Fi increase the profitability of Your business?

In Russia, there is still a shortage of WiFi access points, if compared with some European countries, where literally every institution and even in parks has WiFi. Continue reading

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