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Common accounting errors

Common errors in accounting-fines for incorrectly submitted reports-indicate low professionalism of the accountant. Some make mistakes even in such a seemingly simple matter as registering a turnkey LLC. What common mistakes do specialists make and how can they be avoided? Let’s try to sort everything out in order.
If the company is on a simplified tax system and does not deduct value added tax. Here we should not forget about the exceptions:

* Import of the supplier’s services (here the tax for a foreign company that does not have a representative office in the Russian Federation is paid by the recipient of the services).
* Lease of real estate from government agencies or organizations.
• When working under an Agency agreement.

2. Voluntary VAT deduction
In cases where the company applying the USN voluntarily allocates this tax in the primary documents and then submits documents for compensation.

This error occurs when the company does not want to miss a customer who makes a claim that the seller must be on VAT. Then the company that is located on the simplified market has to allocate and pay this tax to the budget, as a result, the buyer company is substituted, since in the future it also submits documents demanding VAT refund, which is illegal.

3. Violation of the personal income tax payment procedure
A common mistake for companies is paying personal income tax after paying dividends. The procedure for paying these taxes must be reversed.

4. Activities not covered by the OKVED
A common mistake is when companies start a new type of activity without first declaring it to the tax Inspectorate.

5. Violation of cash reporting

This error occurs mainly in small organizations that do not fill out cash documents, although no one has yet canceled the registration of a cash receipt order.

6. Incorrect accounting of expenses
Companies that are located on the USN and carry out trading activities describe the cost of goods in expenses immediately after entering them. Expenses are recognized only at the time of sale of these goods.
7. Terms of advance reports

The law stipulates that the taxpayer can determine the period of imprest amounts, but in cases where the accountable person has spent this amount (or part of it), it is necessary to submit a report within three working days. Companies often forget about the second part of the law.

8. Shipment of goods that are not in stock

A common error associated with the product registration after it has already been purchased.

9. Payment of taxes in the accounts of those arrested

The error is related to the fact that managers assume that they cannot pay taxes if the tax Inspectorate has seized current accounts. But the tax service only seizes accounts for commercial transactions.

For a highly professional specialist, it is necessary to constantly monitor the tax legislation and changes in the taxation system and be extremely careful in order to avoid a fine imposed on the company and preserve its image as a highly qualified specialist.

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