How to start your own business-ideas and technologies
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Small business with minimal investment — what to try?

To start your own business, you need an idea. Just do not necessarily look for the right ideas in your own head, a huge number of which have already been invented, described and work perfectly. You can simply view the ready-made options on the site and choose the one that you “like”.

Some small business options may seem completely crazy, while others-on the contrary, will make you really think. Whatever your idea, you need to know that you can become a self-sufficient businessman by starting a business with minimal investment. A profitable business does not always require large sums to start. And remember that the best idea can come to mind completely unexpectedly. The main thing is to carefully study the selected market segment and discard projects that are not profitable in advance.

When thinking about opening your own small business, while not wanting to invest a lot of money, you should think about Souvenirs. This type of business brings its owners 70-90 000 rubles a month. So why not consider this option? It is the simplicity and relevance of small business in the future that allows you to become a fairly well-off person, as they say “making money on nothing”.
In this case, we are talking about such a type of souvenir as a keychain. These trinkets are practically at each person. Now we need to think about the fact that a huge number of people have cars today. Maybe you should combine these two concepts-a keychain and a car-and come up with something new and interesting.

This option is a keychain in the form of your own car number, where the numbers and letters will repeat those on the car of the owner. By the way, today such things are quite relevant among the female half of the population. Basically, they are purchased as gifts to loved ones, and “yourself, your beloved”, of course, too.

Channels for implementation can be set up with the help of small advertising leaflets left under the windshield wiper of someone’s car. This version of self-promotion works well enough, since no driver will move when something is under the windshield wiper and, accordingly, interferes with traffic. Basically, this method gives the first customers in a few days, and by the end of the week you can get from 5 to 10 customers a day. In this case, you will not have to invest much – at the first stage, you will only need to pay for printing leaflets.

On average, about 60 rubles (the purchase price) will be spent on the material. Then you will need to put the numbers. This will cost about 350-370 rubles. The average cost of a ready-made keychain is 600-700 rubles. The arithmetic is quite simple – the profit from each product will be approximately 300 rubles.

As for advertising, everything is quite simple. Leaflets stimulate word of mouth, and this type of advertising has always been, is, and will be the most productive. It is important not to forget that it is not a matter of what you will sell, but how much you will be able to earn from it.

In addition, the risks in this business are minimal, since initially no large investments are required and attracting capital from outside, especially. But the payback period will be quite short, since the products are quite relevant today.

Plush bouquet came into fashion not so long ago, but has already managed to get a huge number of fans . This business idea is not only relevant, but also very nice and original. The most important thing is that the investment will be minimal, since you can start working at home. You only need a fantasy, a little small plush toys, decorative elements and a lot of imagination. Such bouquets will not leave anyone indifferent. Young people give girls such bouquets as a sign of love and tenderness, and children, they cause a storm of emotions.

We can say that this idea competently combines two business options, correctly found and combined. What could be better and more pleasant than flowers and toys? The answer to this question was the right idea, which already brings its owners quite large profits. Speaking of competition in this area of small business, it is worth noting that it, as such, is almost non-existent, because each manufacturer makes plush bouquets independently, guided only by their imagination.

The bouquet itself has a small size and an acceptable price. Profits will consist solely of how much the manufacturer will be able to estimate the time and effort spent.

Making a plush bouquet is very simple. The most important thing is to first carefully read the information available on the network and apply it in practice. In addition, it is much easier to make a bouquet of toys than to collect fresh flowers one by one. However, there is a small nuance here – the bouquet should not be overloaded and in any case, should not be heavy, since mostly such things are given to the “weak” sex and children.

To develop this type of business, you need to constantly try to bring something new to the design and design of bouquets. This is quite easy to do, because the main type of work is done manually, although the glue gun and neck machine can greatly help.

First, you can give a couple of these bouquets to someone from your child’s family or friends. And then word of mouth starts working again, and positive emotions are always the best incentive for its work. Therefore, by investing quite a bit of money and adding a little imagination and a drop of soul, you can raise your own profits to a new level.

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