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10 commandments of sales growth

All entrepreneurs want to increase sales. Those who don’t admit it are lying! In fact, they just want a big increase in sales! After all, you must agree, the question of sales growth is always worth it! And if this statement is easy enough to agree with, then difficulties arise when the second question arises. How? How to ensure sales growth? At this stage, entrepreneurs go all out and, regularly “running through the rake” of luring super-sellers and deep dumping, they understand that there can be only three effective solutions:

1. Increasing the number of contacts with clients,

2. Increasing the probability of a transaction,

3. Increase the amount of the average receipt.

You have to pay for sales growth. Always. Always or almost always with money. The question is, how much? Here we will need to stock up on calculators and make a sober calculation.

For example, we decided to dramatically increase sales by increasing the number of contacts with customers. If you still have an advertising budget, congratulations! We can make donations to an advertising Agency, hoping that the gods of Commerce will be merciful. In this case, the second question arises: how much free time do your sales staff have? Will it be enough to “digest” all the clients who showered on you? If “Yes” is good news for you today. Sales can be increased! If there is no budget or time resource, then how much will another job cost you? What? Don’t like it? Can we try the next option?!

And we are starting to work on increasing the probability of a deal. To do this, you need to train all sellers. To sell correctly and train so that once and for all. Hire a coach? How much is it? Ready? Good! And then what? Build a control system and monitor it! Daily. Check in person. The accent, PERSONALLY. Because by and large, no one in your business needs your sales. Except you, of course. How much does your time cost? Already scared? Then count on!

Is there a solution that costs little, is implemented quickly, and works for a long time? Got it! This is an increase in the transaction value. You probably don’t mind right now. Think to myself: “They say that in our market, where competitors are not asleep, to raise prices means to lose sales!”. Colleagues, you are right, but please let me say a word in my defense!

The decision to increase the value of the transaction is just a management decision that does not involve the cost of hiring and training staff, while increasing the value of the transaction does not need additional advertising costs, sales can be provided at the expense of existing customers and existing sellers. And, importantly, with a bad marketing decision, everything can be returned to the “as it was”channel. The risks in this case are minimal. What do we lose, colleagues?
I’m serious. There is a whole technology of negotiations, according to which the seller gradually “rolls up his lip” to the client, professionally and subtly affecting his emotions. The most amazing thing is that it works! Always!

Here, of course, it is worth looking at the truth and noting that this is guaranteed to work in cases where the value to the customer is higher than the price.

Our colleagues and friends Roma Pivovarov and Sasha Belgorokov often like to talk about this. And it is difficult to disagree with them. First, print commercial offers on expensive paper, treat your customers to natural coffee, hold meetings in expensive restaurants, and name your position not as a sales Manager, but as a project Manager or analyst in the Department for working with retail companies.

Second, add invisible advantages. Let the client be able to track on-line how you produce your sausages, let the employee give your clients a receipt indicating the location when leaving the Parking lot, let the participants receive homework at the end of the training, which You will control. Do you think the client will be able to resist such an onslaught of advantages for a long time!

This is our favorite commandment. Classics of the genre can be seen in retail. Buy a laptop. The seller asks :” and what bag did you choose?”, we go and choose, “and napkins?..”. Well, then you understand. In this case, there is no cost either to attract a new customer or to maintain a new seller. This sales growth is inexpensive, easy to implement, and effective. A fairy tale!

In the B2B market, this is called cross-selling. In FMCG-extension of the line for regular customers. The essence of this does not change. Here, the main task of the Manager is to write clear instructions on which product the seller should offer in addition to the other, main one. Many companies have lists of related product groups for this case, and many companies have related product groups immediately reflected in the 1° C program. Therefore, the recommendation is simple: develop groups of related products, write instructions to sellers on their offer and implement them!

This is a continuation of the story about related products. Only in profile. You don’t just put shampoo in one package. But also a balm, and a comb and gel and a small washcloth. How much do you think such packages will increase the average cost of your sale?

What are the costs in this case? Practically none! Well, except for the packaging…

If you sell services, the packages include several types of insurance, a whole collection of debit-credit-Bank cards. This is just the case when we buy a fitness subscription for a year or go on vacation on an all-inclusive system. This is a kind of scale effect within a single sale. Colleagues, what “packages” can be created in your business?

I found it in Alexander Levitas’s book “More money from Your business”. Alexander suggests to each sold copy to offer “Take another one”. Then follow a very simple explanation on the topic of who and why you may need this “one more”.

This method is used as an alternative to additional sales of related products.

Once such a story happened. A wall clock falls on the Manager’s Desk. It looks like an ordinary watch. Orange. Instead of a simple white dial, there is a dial with tangerines. An accompanying note is attached to the watch: “Our meeting will take us no more than 12 minutes” and the signature ” advertising Agency “Mandarin”. After receiving such a gift, no customer has yet refused to meet. The cost of the gift is 342.60 rubles.

I don’t write this to send out the clock right and left. And in order for you to always have options to think about and decide what to use in cases where there seem to be no options.

No matter what we do. Each method is a tactic of one of three indicators: increasing the number of contacts with customers, increasing the probability of a transaction, or increasing the amount of the average receipt. What will be more profitable and easier for you-decide for yourself. The main thing to always remember about the main goal – every decision you make should lead to sales growth.

Colleagues, observe these simple 10 commandments of sales growth, and may you be blessed with commercial happiness!

The cost of evolution: why is it pointless to fight procrastination and thank God
Every time I was about to start writing this article, something happened that required urgent intervention. A Facebook tab that was accidentally left open flickered — and now, I don't…


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