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Five advantages of owls over larks

The lark mode is still associated with hard work and piety, while the owl mode is associated with laziness, a Bohemian lifestyle, and a tendency to excess.Despite the fact that late rising is still considered something of a bad habit, the fact that you are an owl (or a lark) is predetermined genetically . And it’s not as bad as it might seem.

“The early bird catches the bug”, “the early bird catches the worm” is a proverb with a similar meaning exists in many languages. A huge number of articles have been written about the benefits of getting up at five in the morning, although it is usually not completely clear what exactly this benefit is.But getting up early and not getting enough sleep is fashionable.
Perhaps this is due to our collective “agricultural” unconscious: to get a good harvest, the farmer had to go to bed early and get up early, not waste time in order to have time to deal with all economic issues before sunset.

And despite the fact that not many people are employed in traditional agriculture, this world remains a world of larks, and owls have to adapt to it.

It is physically difficult for owls to go to bed early and get up early. Starting the working day at 9 am, at least the beginning of this day, owls feel more like zombies than like people. But those who prefer to stay in bed as long as possible in the morning (and especially those who can afford it) have serious advantages.

Owls can procrastinate
At the end of the working day or after work, owls usually get a second wind, and they concentrate perfectly and do not lose their performance during the evening, which allows owls (at least theoretically) to make their working schedule more flexible

This is the rare case when procrastination works for the benefit of the procrastinator. Owls can cope with their routine tasks in the morning, being in a semi-conscious state, and tasks that require more concentration, put off for the evening and deal with them in a comfortable environment. And if you are an owl, then after reading the rules from the world of larks, do not be upset that they do not suit you too well.

According to research, owls physiologically have an extra energy jump in the evenings, while larks have no energy jump at all. The lark’s energy level consistently decreases — from the highest in the morning to the lowest in the evening. And that’s it, no additional options.

Owls are smarter
The owl is widely revered as a symbol of wisdom, and judging by the results of a number of fundamental studies that have shown that owls on average have a higher level of intelligence than larks, it is not for nothing.

For hundreds or even thousands of years, most of our ancestors were able to explore the world around them only in the light of day. Nighttime activity required extra resourcefulness — the world was an even less friendly place than it was now. And scientists believe that it was mostly smart owls who managed to pass on their genes to their descendants.

Research supports this assumption: participants with an IQ below 75 points (“very stupid”) went to bed earlier than all the other subjects, while those with an IQ of 125 points or higher (“very smart”) were more likely to be owls.

Owls need less time to sleep
At least, that’s what some scientists think, and here’s why. Larks often do not have enough seven hours to sleep properly, and they need more time to “rock”. While owls, following their natural circadian rhythm — that is, going to bed late and getting up late-do not experience such difficulties.

More creative
If you are an owl, you are more likely to be able to think and act outside of patterns.

According to Professor and sleep expert Jim horn, ” people who belong to the evening type are more likely to become representatives of creative professions: artists, poets, and inventors — while people who belong to the morning type are more likely to become civil servants and accountants.”

Easier to rebuild
Owls are able to change their routines and can force themselves to get up and go to bed earlier than their natural circadian rhythm with much less difficulty than larks. It is much more difficult for the latter to change their normal sleep and Wake schedules.
Pronounced owls and larks make up about 20% of the population, the rest of the people are of a mixed type.

Nevertheless, in the big cities of industrialized countries, there are far more owls than larks.

Interestingly, larks are in much better conditions than owls, which are forced to adapt to their earlier “colleagues”.

And here are a few simple rules that will help the owl survive in a world honed under the “early birds”.

Get ready in the evening. If you carry food with you, prepare and pack it in advance, check the weather forecast, and prepare clothing and shoes the day before. Theoretically, you can even take a shower in the evening. Leave everything prepared in advance in an easily accessible place.

This foresight will give you a few dozen minutes of precious morning sleep. In addition, you will be able to get ready and leave the house without actually regaining consciousness. You don’t have to Wake up completely to solve such difficult problems for an owl in the morning as “where is the second sock?” and “where are my keys?”.

During the week, choose a couple of nights and force yourself to go to bed no later than 11 PM. Of course, this is not so easy even for adaptable owls. But at least a couple of times a week you need to sleep a full 7-8 hours.

If you get used to making an effort and periodically go to bed early, then, on the one hand, you will not break your natural “owl” mode, and on the other — the body will thank you for a full long sleep.

Don’t torture yourself. Don’t try to be an early riser without good reason. The most difficult tasks at work, making fundamental decisions, and even a banal trip to the store or tidying up-transfer all these worries to a comfortable time for yourself. It is better to think about everything so that you can sleep as long as possible in the morning.

Move more. Oddly enough, sports can be a good solution. Working out in the gym or running in the Park, regardless of how long you’ve been asleep, really helps.

In this case, regular sports provide an additional boost of energy and remove this terrible feeling of total misery, which is often experienced by owls who are held hostage to the schedule of larks.

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