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Introverts in the office: rules of survival

The modern world is a world of smiling, sociable, very active in communication and leisure, physically healthy people, in which, unfortunately, there is little space for those who do not fit into the set framework.

At school, teachers encourage those who often reach out, and in the office, the management notes those who constantly offer something, even if these offers do not lead to anything. In addition, everyone likes sociable people, but closed ones do not.We hope that our article will make life easier for those who are uncomfortable even with the prospect of being the soul of the company of strangers, and will be useful for those who consider introverts arrogant, eccentric and even asocial individuals and do not hesitate to speak out loud about it.

Third of population
It is considered that there are at least 25-30% of introverts in the world. A third of humanity can’t be left on the sidelines. They work, live and study together with people who are sociable, noisy, cheerful, and aggressive in business.

In offices, introverts find themselves in rather painful conditions for them: open spaces, endless meetings, corporate parties and endless birthdays of colleagues, children of employees, and so on. What can they do? Accept it? Endure?

According to psychologists and HR specialists, for introverts, everything is not so terrible, or rather, it is not terrible at all, if you take a certain amount of effort.

Important condition

Don’t try to remake yourself (and, by the way, extroverts, don’t try to remake an introvert), because the personality type is not remade. Accept who you are and set yourself up to make your life as productive and comfortable as possible without changing your essence.

The attempt to change the character and tendencies too often leads to a deep internal conflict, frustration, and in the Russian reality, even to alcoholism.

Advantages of introverts

Introverts have a lot of unique advantages that can easily be turned into advantages that allow you to achieve a career and success:

– are able to dive deep into the task-without distraction and with passion;

– notice the smallest details, observant and attentive;

— often more empathic, sensitive, sensitive to others-easily feel a change of mood;

– tend to enter into a strong and lasting relationship;

— more independent of other people’s judgments and will;

— they can calculate the consequences of actions and decisions, excellent strategists;

— they don’t like to argue and prove their case;

— they are better at writing their thoughts than extroverts;

— they can easily perform leadership functions, if they do not require constant self-presentation.

And introverts often look mysterious, calm and confident, which attracts other people to them, especially the opposite sex.

Rules for survival and success
Having understood their strengths and weaknesses, the introvert can begin to explore the surrounding living space, guided by their internal structure.

Summing up what was said by a dozen and a half HR specialists and psychologists, we can offer this list:
Make a warning. In a new team, it is best for an introvert to immediately warn others about the characteristics of their character. This will give him an indulgence for possible communication problems. For example, if an introvert is called out, and he does not respond immediately, it is easy to write off his psychological type, without being considered unfriendly, closed, strange.

Simulate normal behavior. The introvert, in fact, does not have to (and it often seems to him that this is what is expected of him) be the soul of the company, he just needs to create a sense of his presence and participation in office life. Hence a few very simple rules.

– Greet everyone in the office in a friendly manner, calling people by their first name whenever possible.

— During a break in work, spend some time moving around the office space to light up. At the same time, it is not always necessary to communicate with someone. Just be. People will get used to introverts as part of the everyday landscape. And that’s enough.

— Get to know two or three colleagues better and exchange a few words with them in the corridor, in the kitchen, in the Smoking room.
Use social networks for informal contact with colleagues and management. In reality, an introvert does not like to show off.

Facebook instagram is another matter. In social networks, communication is voluntary, and you can stop it at any time. This is the safest way for introverts to show their personality or even professionalism.

If you make your accounts available to colleagues and management, you can achieve professional and personal recognition, avoiding the need to actively Express yourself in office life and at work meetings.

Psychologists have repeatedly tested the owners of famous blogs and, as a rule, they turned out to be gifted introverts who turned out to be experts in some issues, excellent photographers, jokers and essayists.

Play inconspicuous but important roles at office and corporate events. The introvert does not have to try to say toasts and be in the first rows of congratulations, but he can actively participate in the organization and preparation — bring and bring various important goods-gifts, flowers, alcohol, etc. Help set the table and decorate the room.
During the event, there is one unique and infinitely profitable role for an introvert — the photographer. You don’t need to communicate with anyone. You don’t have to participate in anything. Just take pictures. But then the whole office will see these photos, and the whole office will know who took them. The permanent role of an observer photographer allows you to avoid any form of publicity at events.

The workplace of an introvert is a very important element of adaptation. If it is possible to influence the choice of your location, do not choose a place where colleagues passing by or sitting next to you can see what is happening on the computer screen, what their hands are doing on the table and their feet are under the table.
And another very important element — headphones. It can be just sound-proof headphones or headphones with music or some soothing sounds-the sea, forests, etc. It’s a matter of taste.

A quiet, secluded place is necessary for those who do not find peace in the workplace. This may be a remote and rarely visited toilet, an empty meeting room, an abandoned corridor, just a window sill on the stairwell, and so on.

Even five minutes alone allows you to recover well from the abundance of people and unnecessary information that overflows the office space.
Create an image of a thoughtful professional. You can give your own characteristics, and almost any, for the specifics of the work of a professional: I need to think, everything is not easy, do not rush, and so on. This language is usually well-known and used by corporate computer scientists, system administrators, and site programmers working in the company.
Create an image of an original artist. In some offices, it is enough to dress somewhat unusual (wear a hat, headscarf, earring, bright tie, original-looking shoes) and organize a creative mess in the workplace.

Build personal connections instead of actively participating in collective actions. Instead of noisy dominance and participation in discussions, you can build personal connections with people who will be valued even more than the ability to speak frequently on various occasions. For example, at a meeting, you can remain silent, and then calmly discuss the issue with the leader in the Smoking room, corridor, or his office. This will make the introvert look even more serious and thoughtful. It’s the same with colleagues. Discussing work and personal issues with them one-on — one is the way to trust.
Become a leader. Based on the same principle, a career takes on a special appeal for the introvert.

Introverts, despite their characteristics, can be excellent leaders and leaders. They often have a strategic view of things. If an introvert becomes a leader, many things he decides for himself according to his own device and the idea of a comfortable job.
And by the way, managers don’t usually sit in open spaces!

If your colleague is an introvert
1. Make appointments in advance. If this is not possible, at least let us know that you are coming. It is difficult for an introvert to communicate with strangers, and sometimes familiar people. This does not mean that he does not know how to do it, just that he needs more time to gather and be ready to communicate.

2. Use alternative phone communication methods. Introverts often avoid phone conversations and — consciously or not-ignore calls. It is very difficult for him to call somewhere and ask someone, sometimes it is painful.

Fortunately, scientific and technological progress does not stand still: messengers, email and CRM systems are an excellent solution not only for introverts.

3. Don’t demand immediate decisions and reactions from introverts. The fact that you are not immediately answered does not mean that the introvert is stupid, or lazy, or unwilling to talk. Usually, an introvert just needs time to think about the answer.

4. Don’t hesitate to ask again. Often the introvert’s perception is very different, and some things he may mean a little differently.

5. Evaluate the introvert not by oddities, but by the results of their activities. From the point of view of others, some introverts behave strangely. They may try to avoid communication with colleagues, avoid informal contacts, and sometimes even “go crazy”, literally hiding from people. Treat it with condescension.

6. the behavior of introverts is not a whim. From the point of view of science, much of the behavior of these people is due to a very high level of electrical activity of the brain. The cortex is highly aroused, even for minor reasons. And communication is one of the strongest stimuli.

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