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New year’s rake: how not to make a mistake at a corporate party

The CEO of a large and successful Russian company — by the way, an Expat who recently took up his position — was so worried about the arrangement of a new year’s corporate party that during the holiday, he “flew off the thread” and in a state of nervous breakdown, single-handedly destroyed a huge restaurant in a major provincial city.

New year’s corporate event scares introverted employees and pleases fans of noisy fun and free drinks, drives middle and senior managers of companies crazy and serves as a source of neurosis for the organizers appointed by the management.

A poorly arranged holiday can go sideways for both its participants and organizers.

This article is about what problems can occur during and after a corporate event and how to avoid them.


Right place
Do not arrange a corporate party in the wrong place for this.

The Deputy Director of a regional company decided to save on space and at the same time arrange a non-trivial New year in a warehouse where there were problems with lighting, but there was no shortage of metal structures.

As a result, two employees were injured in the midst of the fun. One of them climbed up on an iron pyramid structure and broke a finger on the way down. The second victim was the top Manager himself. He fell down a long metal ladder and broke his leg.

We respect the characteristics of our employees
In times of crisis, mass games and competitions can seem like a great way to entertain employees for free.

But before you go down this slippery path, think carefully.

— You can not organize competitions designed to demonstrate the personal talents and abilities of each of the employees.

— People without hearing should not be forced to sing, the elderly should not be forced to dance. You can’t force the fat to play linbo, and the ugly to participate in a beauty contest, and so on.

— Yes, you can arrange a universal karaoke, but you can not arrange a competition for vocal data. You can run in bags, but you can’t organize real sports events.

New year’s corporate party is a holiday. People should not have to suffer the indignity.

For example, the idea of going to a water Park or paintball together will make you a personal enemy of all women who are concerned about their appearance and physical shape (that is, almost all women in the team).

During the event, a small company organized a Darts competition. Some participants got so carried away that they seriously quarreled and began to insult each other. The argument turned into a fight. I had to call the police.

Competitions and contests on the holiday should be humorous-submerge a pencil in a bottle on a string tied to the ass, “damaged phone” and so on.

We don’t skimp on food and drink
This is especially important during the current economic situation. The company pays low salaries. Career prospects for employees are dim. There are no bonuses or they are cut. At least once a year, management must show employees that they care about them and that the company cares about its employees.

“In difficult times, a good corporate event is one of the few ways to achieve at least some loyalty from employees and increase their motivation,” says Tatyana Zarubina, an independent HR consultant who serves a number of medium — sized businesses.

At the same time, it is important not to make the corporate event an official event dedicated to honoring the company’s management and success. If a corporate event serves this purpose, it is not a corporate event or a New year celebration, but an event that must be arranged during working hours.

Gifts should not come as a shock
At the new year’s corporate party, an honored employee of the Finance Department, an older man, respected by all and serious as a result of spontaneous distribution of gifts, received a small towel decorated with flowers, intended for intimate hygiene, on which was written in English: “My fare lady”. Neither add nor subtract.

“I was once handed clothespins, a bundle of dryers and a roll of toilet paper,” says Elena T., Deputy General Director of the consulting company. When employees receive some nonsense for the third and fifth time, it looks stupid and even offensive.”

HR specialists emphasize that if the company can’t afford enough valuable new year’s prizes or gifts for employees, they should just be memorable, ideally personal or even named.

Of course, you can’t please everyone. There will be dissatisfied people. But in order to avoid General dissatisfaction with gifts, they should be chosen or invented not by one or two people, but by an initiative group consisting of employees of different departments.

Do not arrange a game of “secret Santa” or distribute gifts spontaneously, say with the help of a win-win lottery.

Almost everyone who participated in such events witnessed how a middle-aged woman received a gift of men’s Slippers or how a man was surprised to find a woman’s colorful scarf under the package.

And most importantly: if you can not do this seriously, it is better not to give gifts, spending the saved money on additional treats.


Participation is mandatory
Of course, any activities outside of employees ‘ working hours are optional. All except one — the corporate party. If you are healthy, you should be present. Avoiding corporate events is an open insult to the company’s staff and management. Even if you really don’t want to, you will have to force yourself.

Don’t shy away from fun
Every normal person is horrified by holiday animation, various stupid contests and idiotic competitions. However, at a corporate event, you can not participate in them. You Express contempt for the public, “corporate” is a good choice.

To make it easier to deal with these nonsense, you can take extra (but in moderation) or even lead some stupid initiatives. You can also demand dancing. Sometimes it helps.

Do not shy away from communication (but also do not insist on it)
If your colleagues or even your management want to communicate with you, you need to demonstrate a responsive sociability and friendliness.

The managing Director of a media company at corporate events always tried to communicate as closely as possible with subordinates, trying to behave as equals. Periodically, he looked pretty stupid.

It is also known that over the long history of the company, several employees, disdaining a simple-minded and drunken leader, demonstrated-perhaps involuntarily-an unwillingness to communicate with him.

The chief, alas, had a very good memory. All these people were gradually dismissed.

Don’t criticize the food, drink, program, or organizers
About the corporate party, as about the dead, – good or nothing.
Two young employees of the company greatly disgraced themselves at the corporate party, scolding cheap alcohol and a simple snack, as well as the restaurant where the event was held.

It turned out that although the official organizer was one, in reality he was assisted by several other people. It turned out that the young people expressed their complaints to these assistants in the most unpleasant terms.

In addition, in the current lean time, corporate parties are often arranged in the office, and the presenters are someone from the company’s employees. Criticizing colleagues for their personal activity is unfair and dangerous for the critic.

Don’t talk about your work or your personal Affairs
At the festival, no one wants to hear about your success or problems — either official or personal. There is another time and a more appropriate setting for this.

During the corporate dance, an adult female accountant began to tell her partner first about the difficulties with accounting, and then about the problems with her husband and eldest son.

The colleague obediently listened to the lady. However, at some point, the woman realized that she was so unhappy that she simply burst into sobs.

The dancing had to be stopped. Everyone began to calm her down. But the unfortunate woman did not stop, said that she had a bad heart. Call an ambulance. The corporate event was disrupted.

Don’t try to attract everyone’s attention
Attracting attention at a corporate event is a great way to become a corporate laughingstock.

At a corporate party of a large company, one young employee danced best of all, attracted the attention of men and even women, and so believed in herself that she took to singing songs from the stage, and later under the influence of alcohol began to dance on the table and undress.

She didn’t have time to undress, because she fell off the table. Not surprisingly, from that moment on, she got the nickname Stripyrella.

Do not remind colleagues of their adventures
What was at the corporate party remains at the corporate party.

It is bad form to remind colleagues of how they tried to kiss, or fell face — first into a plate, or did a terrible disco dance and argued with the host on stage. This will not cause anything but negative attitude towards you. And from the side of not only the heroes of these stories, but also those around them.

Introvert at a corporate party: rules of survival
Motivation. After all, this only happens once a year. At corporate events, you can eat and drink. At a corporate party, you can limit yourself to communicating with friends and buddies.

You don’t have to come at the set time. Being 15-60 minutes late is not a crime. And corporate events are getting shorter.

You don’t have to be there until the end. Other, more enthusiastic citizens will do this. An hour is not enough. But two hours is enough. To be sure, you can say that you are not feeling well, you have a sick cat, and so on.

Painful communication can be interrupted so that no one will be offended.

Here are a few techniques:

Refer to some things, objects. There are always items that can be a good reason to stop the conversation. For example, a smartphone (“the Phone is dead, I’ll go find an outlet”), a car (“I Need to Park again”), and so on.

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