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10 most useful morning habits

This article focuses on 10 morning techniques that will simplify your life and increase productivity if you make them your healthy habits.

Get up early
Those who get up early have many advantages. They get better sleep, consume fewer calories, and are less prone to depression. If you get up earlier, you will find time for charging and a full Breakfast.Learning to get up earlier is not so difficult (of course, if you are not a clinical owl). Start by setting your alarm every day 5 minutes earlier than the previous one, until you reach the optimal time to Wake up.

Drink a full glass of water
A large glass of water, drunk immediately after waking up, has a positive effect on health: it is extremely useful for cleansing the intestines and promotes better absorption of food.

Properly hydrogenated digestive system has a great effect on your appearance, giving your skin a healthy color and Shine.In addition, a glass of water drunk on an empty stomach in the morning helps to detoxify the blood, the formation of new blood cells and muscle fibers.An additional bonus-water in the morning helps us get rid of excess weight.Some experts recommend adding fresh lemon juice to the water and believe that citrus can enhance all the effects described above. However, this method of awakening is categorically not suitable for people who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases.Therefore, when going to bed in the evening, put a glass of water next to the bed and drink it in the morning before you go to the toilet or make coffee.

Don’t be lazy to make your bed
This is a psychological trick. By making your bed every morning, you achieve the first visible result of your conscious activity of the day. This gives some semblance of satisfaction and even pride. Such a simple task disciplines us, motivates us to take on something more serious, and sets us up for work.

In addition, the little things matter, and by making the bed, you organize your life.

Define 3-4 real goals for the day
Let’s say you absolutely need to:
1. Finish the report started last night for the meeting at 11 am.

2. Take out the garbage from the balcony at all costs.

3. Check a couple of contracts that are stuck in the legal Department.

4. Go to the gym to run and visit the gym, where you need to pay attention to the back, chest and triceps.

Setting clear and achievable goals for the day right in the morning sets the bar for your productivity throughout the day.

In addition, the daily plan will help you plan longer-term plans for a week and a month.

Three or four is a good number of tasks that can be painlessly distributed throughout the day. Half of them (finish the report and take out the trash from the balcony) you can do in the morning, especially if you followed the first advice and did not Wake up right at the beginning of the working day.

During the day, you can sort out contracts, go to the gym after work, and in the evening, with a sense of deep moral satisfaction, watch a new episode of your favorite TV series.

Do not overestimate yourself and underestimate the circumstances. Three or four goals a day is enough. A realistic number of cases is not a little, it’s just right. If you manage to complete the report and contracts much faster and you have a lot of time before the end of the working day, you can always do more than you planned, and praise yourself for it.

Have Breakfast with your family
If you live alone, just don’t forget to have Breakfast.

If you have someone to share your first meal of the day with, don’t neglect this old-fashioned tradition. And it’s not about spiritual bonds, at least not just them.

Scientists have proven that family breakfasts have a positive effect on the health of all family members, especially teenagers.

This is due to the fact that joint breakfasts help to adhere to a balanced diet and reduce the risk of gaining extra weight. In addition to the benefits for physiology, Breakfast with the family helps to strengthen relationships.

Start with the most difficult
In addition to the fact that complex tasks are easier to perform while you are full of energy, it is also about the consequences of procrastination.

The longer you put off difficult and unpleasant tasks, the higher the level of anxiety and guilt. Conversely, the sooner you complete the most difficult task, the more enjoyable and easier it will be for everyone else.

Get lots of exercise
It’s not easy-especially for owls or if you haven’t had enough sleep — to get your body to move actively right in the morning. But research (and the personal experience of the editor of “BP”) shows that those who exercise in the morning are less likely to “score” on the training plan and feel much better than those who transfer the workout to the evening. In this case, you are an owl, a lark, or a mixed type — it is not so important.

So if your work schedule allows you to start the day with sports, try it! In addition, morning classes promote a positive mood, provide a lot of extra energy and help the body burn calories faster and more effectively throughout the rest of the day.

Complete the task within a clearly defined time frame
You can even use a timer to increase productivity. Determine the time during which you will work on a task without stopping for coffee and chat with colleagues.

This method of time management is known as the Tomato Technique, proposed in the late 1980s by a figure named Francesco Cirillo. The essence of the method is as follows:

— decide on the task that you will perform;

— set the timer for 25 minutes;

— work without any distractions until the timer rings; if something distracting occurs in your head, write it down and immediately return to work;

— take a short break (3-5 minutes);

— after each 4th working period, take a long break (15-30 minutes).

The timer in this case is a means of additional motivation to work without distraction for an acceptable time. In addition, it is a comfortable mode in which you know exactly how long it will be possible to relax.

Minimize distractions
Anyone who has tried to work at home with a small child, an unplugged telegram, automatic notifications, or in the office with chatty colleagues, knows how difficult it is to keep your head on your shoulders, not just productivity, in such conditions.

Meanwhile, it is the ability to keep your focus on what you are doing that is essential for success in the fight for productivity. Distractions make the whole thing impossible. Especially in the morning.

Therefore, the only solution is to reduce the number of distractions to a minimum.

If you are going to work, try not to touch your smartphone until you are in the subway car.

Collect everything you need in the morning, in the evening, so as not to rush around the house in search of keys, Shoe Polish and gloves.

Do not try to finish yesterday’s report until the children and their wife (or husband) are “washed out” of the house.

Everything you try to do at the same time turns into a battle of distractions with each other for space in your mind, takes up your RAM, and kills productivity. The result has long been described in the Russian proverb about two birds with one stone.

Group your tasks
Task grouping is a form of time management where you assign a certain amount of time to several similar tasks. This will help you deal with distractions and increase your productivity.

And in conclusion
If you decide to develop some of the useful morning techniques described above, don’t jump out of your seat. Start with one thing, gradually adding new techniques after the previous ones take root, or when you know for sure that they are not suitable for you.

To bring each of the techniques to automatism, to make it your new useful morning habit, you need to spend an average of six to eight weeks and only then take up the new technique.

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