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Choosing equipment for catering — we don’t spend too much, we get what we need

The restaurant business has been attracting aspiring entrepreneurs for decades. It’s not about high profits and quick payback. Interest lies in the non-material plane.

Your institution is a way of self-expression, an opportunity to create an “ideal model”, to get a reputation as a gourmet and restaurateur. People have always loved those who can feed them well.

Let’s move from the lyrics to the facts. In 2014, 730 new restaurants were opened in Russia only in the fast food segment and only from existing chain establishments. The number of independent projects in all three formats is significantly higher. Over the past five years, the market has shown growth of 25-30% annually. It looks like an impressive dynamic.

But then there are not so positive figures. Independent research claims that 80% of restaurants close in their first year. Even if this assessment is too harsh, the risks in catering should not be underestimated. In Europe, almost half of restaurants do not survive the two-year start-up period, and the business itself ranks fourth in bankruptcy (data from Dun & Bradstreet). In Russia, the conditions are even tougher.

In this article, we will not analyze the reasons for failure — it is imprudent to draw conclusions without specific data. Let’s focus on another task — we will select the restaurant equipment for the start so as to increase the chances of the institution to change for the third year.

1 General recommendations
1.1 menu Development
1.2 Professional models
1.3 Order technological and engineering projects
2 Particulars
2.1 View used offers
2.2 buy More in the process
2.3 Service
General recommendation

Megabytes of information are written about the choice of equipment for restaurants. Basically, the ” tips “are limited to defining the types of equipment, listing models, and encouraging”choose a reliable supplier”.
We will define several specific priorities that are effective regardless of the format of the institution.
There is no “standard” set of equipment for restaurants, do not believe it. You can effectively invest in equipment only with a clear list of dishes that you are going to cook on it. Sit down next to the Chief (if one is hired) or on your own — you will have to do theoretical work. Form the core of the restaurant’s menu with the cost of ingredients, consumables, energy, and staff.
Such planning gives a clear understanding of which equipment will really pay off, and which will collect dust. It is possible that at this stage You will decide to completely abandon the full-fledged technological zone. It is often more profitable to work with semi-finished products of a high degree of readiness.
From the menu to the equipment, not the other way around. All the talk about” functionality and new features ” will lead to inadequate costs.
Savings for start-up entrepreneurs sometimes exceed all reasonable limits. So in the kitchen of the restaurant there are hand-operated mixers, household refrigerators and inherited multicookers. To set up a gastronomic business in this way is like fighting for the podium of the Monaco Grand Prix in a gig.
Specialized equipment is more expensive than household equipment not because of the whim of manufacturers.
Professional models can withstand long and peak loads, because they are designed for them. Restaurant equipment development and Assembly is a global industry. The technologies and materials used here are not too far behind the space industry. So You will not be left without a plate or slicer during the influx of visitors.
Find a good room in the center, cheap, and even with Parking — good luck for a restaurateur. But this is not all the criteria necessary for a catering establishment.
A professional technology zone requires powerful energy sources. One electric stove alone “eats” 24,000 kWh per year . Moreover, many models of electrical equipment operate from a voltage of 380 V, and not from the usual 220 V outlet. There are also problems with gas equipment — is there enough pressure in the pipe?

You should look not only at the facade of the building, but also at its technical characteristics. If you have decided on the technique in the previous two stages — you will be able to calculate the necessary power of communications.

The restaurant business is among the favorite “clients” of Rospotrebnadzor and Responder. The requirements for the kitchen and dining room can not be called “draconian”, but failure to comply with them can lead to fines and closure.
Both of these problems are solved by hiring engineers from HoReCa. These services are provided by certified SRO members. Engineering and technological projects will allow you to evaluate existing communications (or lay new ones), bring the technological and guest areas in compliance with the norms of Russian legislation.

Additional bonuses-design organizes an ergonomic space. This optimizes the work of the staff.

Here we will talk about small tricks that are unknown to “experts” from the outside.
Don’t be skeptical. Major equipment suppliers regularly sell models with “not perfect” product appearance. Moreover, discounts are quite serious. Does a scratch on the glass of a convection oven matter to You if the equipment works properly and costs ten thousand less?
Even equipment that was actually in use will last without failures for more than one year. It was designed for this purpose, remember?

From the moment of opening the restaurant to the formation of a pool of regular customers (that is, to a stable and predictable workload), it takes from three months to six months. Do not try to buy all the equipment before the start — it will not start to pay off from the first day, but the budget will load heavily. Needs analysis takes time. After a few months of stable work, You will know exactly what is missing. And the purchased equipment will be “included” in the process from the first day.

In Russian culture (not only gastronomic), the tradition of service has not yet been formed. We will use the equipment until it finally fails.
And why pay the master, if everything is working? And then, that major repairs and purchase of parts are much more expensive than prevention several times a year.

The help of specialists is useful in any case. Learning from your mistakes in the restaurant business is effective, but extremely expensive. Especially if Your capabilities are only enough for one attempt. Do not spare money for useful information and support. Then there will be more chances to throw a party for the occasion

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