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Small companies make mistakes when they copy the strategy of large corporations

Allan DIB, author of the book “Marketing plan on one page: get new customers, earn more money, get out of the crowd”, claims that a well-thought-out marketing plan will help you build a successful business.

In his opinion, most small companies make a mistake when they rely on the strategies of large corporations. Their budgets and tasks are not the same as those of small businesses.

To please the investor, to ensure that the brand name is recognized by a wide range of consumers-all this is not necessary for managers of small companies.

According to Allan DIB, all marketing work to find, attract and retain new customers can be divided into three phases: “Before”, “during” and “After”. What are they and what should be done?

Phase I. Before
This phase is the “foreplay” period, when you are dealing with a potential client who may not even know you exist.

At this stage, your task is to tell us about yourself so that a potential customer will want to respond to you. As soon as he shows interest, it will mean that the stage is passed.


Select a target audience

Many entrepreneurs in response to the question of which consumers they rely on, answer: all.But this is a fundamental mistake, because in reality it means: no one.For large companies, this approach will work — it is important for them that the brand name is recognizable, for this they have brand managers. However, in a small business, it is more important to hit the target accurately.So define your niche — this will allow you to be a “big fish in a tiny pond”, that is, to take the main place in a small market.

Create a marketing message

Most messages are boring, modest, and ineffective. To stand out from your peers, you need to attract the attention of your target audience.

A marketing message for a small business is structured as follows: the company name, logo, list of services or products provided, a statement about their high quality, plus contact information. But in this scenario, you can only count on the customer to see the ad and buy it by accident.

To exclude an element of randomness, you need to select the exact object and refer to it.

Decide what you want to say and what the potential client should do after that. It is better if there are several options for feedback — a letter, a phone call, and so on.

Reach the customer with ads

This is the most expensive part of the process, so you should choose an advertising platform as carefully as possible, so that the return on investment (ROI) is high. To do this, you will need to perform analytical measurements to know exactly which ads worked on which site.

And don’t be stingy — hire someone who understands media platforms and can find the one you need.

Platforms can be different — social networks, blogs, mailing lists, direct advertising, advertising in publications, digital or printed. Choose the method that suits you.

Instead of trying to make the brand name recognizable, learn to recognize the name of a potential customer.

Phase II. During
In this phase, potential clients become prospective clients — they already know about your existence, and they are interested in you.

Now they must like you and purchase your product or service. As soon as they do, they will turn into customers. And you will enter the third phase.


Attract a promising client

Very few people are willing to place an order as soon as they see your ad, so here your task is to move from hunting and gathering to farming. You have sown the seeds, and now it is worth taking care that they sprout and bear fruit.

Most entrepreneurs are “hunters” and spend a lot of time trying to attract new customers. But your task is to reach those who are already interested in you, and put them in the database. Treat everyone with respect, regardless of income.

Feed a prospective client

There comes a time when you need to ensure that the customer is not just interested in your product, but wants to buy it. This means that they must be interested, motivated, have the means and disposition to what you offer.

Prove to him that you can be trusted, that your product is of the highest quality. To do this, you will have to be persistent and continue to communicate with the client — for example, by sending newsletters telling about the situation in the industry or offering new options for services.

Contact a prospective client with an offer

To do this, first of all, you need to learn how to position yourself correctly in the eyes of the client. Remember that you have come to a field where someone else has already tried before you. Your customers already have experience with people offering products and services similar to yours, and if they were dissatisfied, this attitude will automatically shift to you.

Trust is the most important factor that will help prospective clients become real customers. At this stage, you have already handled your client well enough — they already know you, they are interested and motivated.

Now you need to prove that you are special. That is, not to beg or push like others, but to show that you are fully qualified and confident.

phase III. After
In this phase, you are dealing with customers. They already love you and your product and are ready to pay for it at least once. Now your task is to make sure that this happens more than once and not twice, so that your customers become your fans. To do this, you need to offer them nothing more than an unforgettable experience, and then create an atmosphere for them that they will want to plunge into again and again.


Offer an unforgettable experience

By doing this, you will attract customers to a gathering of your ardent fans. It will be a community of people connected to each other, with a leader and United by an idea.This is natural for a person — for thousands of years, he turns out to be part of the tribe.This is what distinguishes outstanding entrepreneurs from ordinary ones: the latter deal with customers, the former with fans.They constantly try to impress the customer, establish long-term relationships with them, create a sense of theatrical action unfolding around the product, and create a coherent system that ensures all these processes.

Sell customers what they want, while giving them what they really need.

Let’s give an example of a fitness instructor. People come to him in the hope of finding a beautiful body, but in fact they need health. So his task is to make them healthier, so that they feel better and come again and again for this feeling.

Strengthen the client’s attachment

A long-term relationship with a client makes the most money. Yes, maintaining them is not as exciting as hunting for new ones, but it is to preserve what is there, the success of your business, your gold mine.

Do not be afraid to raise prices: many entrepreneurs believe that this will scare off customers, but in fact this is not quite true.If you position yourself correctly and create an unforgettable experience for the consumer, as we have already discussed, they will not be so sensitive to price.Just don’t forget to explain that you are doing this because you are providing the highest quality product and thereby helping you save more money in the long run.Another option is an additional offer (as in the fast food chain, when you are asked if you want extra syrup in a latte or fries with a Burger). And try to make sure that the customer buys from you more and more often — with reminders, newsletters and special offers.

Initiate and promote recommendations

Many entrepreneurs dream of being recommended, but do not know how to achieve this. Word of mouth, which many entrepreneurs rely on, can play a key role here.However, care must be taken to ensure that information is passed from mouth to mouth. Many entrepreneurs are afraid to declare themselves to partners, not wanting them to think that they are asking for support. But this is a question of how you position yourself.

Imagine that you recommend a restaurant or beauty salon to someone: you don’t do it as a service to the institution, do you? So you should not be given a service. But you must be talked about.Don’t be afraid to ask to be told about you. Many people just sit and wait to be found, opened, recommended to someone.And asking is very simple. For example, you can provide a gift card or discount coupon and offer to pass it on to someone who might benefit from your service.Let people know that you will be happy if they recommend you to others, and they will reach out to you.

In the dry balance
1. If you have a small company, come up with a niche that you will occupy. And if it turns out to be narrow, that’s a good thing, not a bad thing. order for a customer to purchase a product or service from you, you need to ensure that they begin to trust you.

3. Keep the client-a separate task: let him be your fan and loyal follower. Don’t turn into an entrepreneur who only wants to hunt for new customers, forgetting about those who already exist. Regular customers bring in the most money.

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