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Eye for eye. And 10 more business rules of Donald trump

Before being elected President of the United States, Donald trump was just a very famous billionaire who made a name and fortune in real estate.

To be precise, he did not make a fortune, but multiplied it — his grandmother Elizabeth krait trump, who founded the real estate Agency Elizabeth Trump & Son with her 18-year-old son Fred in 1923, started selling real estate.

Donald trump inherited an entrepreneurial talent that his grandmother would be proud of. Currently, the Trump Organization is engaged in real estate, investment, sales and marketing, property management, and works in the entertainment, media, modeling, financial operations, and produces clothing, jewelry, and furniture.

The President-elect and successful businessman has long been a business star. And it’s not just the sensational statements, unusual hairstyle and a big name, which he, by the way, is willing to distribute even to those skyscrapers that were not built at his expense.

His bibliography includes several dozen books in which he willingly shares the wisdom of an entrepreneur who has preserved and completed a business Empire. It is difficult to give preference to any of them, but we chose one of the most interesting. In the book How to Get Rich published in 2004, Donald trump gives good management advice, which is a sin not to use.

Of course, reading it is not enough to get rich. However, this book is useful in that it allows you to understand the mindset of a billionaire. And learn something from his own experience.

Manage your army
Standing at the head of a company, it is important to feel like a commander who is responsible not only for himself, but also for his troops. And this is the case when the concept of “leader” takes on a new meaning.

Other people’s lives depend on you, and strategic mistakes lead to tragic consequences for those who depend on you, so be a General — and choose carefully the managers you can rely on.

Between the concept of “good Manager” and “good person” there is an equal sign: choose the best employees — and you will save a lot of time.

Don’t forget to inspire and motivate your employees, as real military leaders do.

Do more than others
Don’t expect your employees to work harder than you, set your own standards.

“For the winners, the problem is another way to prove what they are capable of. They never take them as blows of fate, and if you don’t have any problems, maybe you don’t have any business.”

Treat the company as a living, breathing organism: growth is life for it, so move forward without stopping. The main thing is to feel passion for what you do. If you don’t care about your business, don’t expect someone else to burn at work: employees need to feel your energy so that it is transmitted to them.

Don’t intimidate people — they should know that you can always be contacted.

Keep the doors open
It is important to constantly move forward: any success is not the end, but the beginning of the path to new achievements. Getting new knowledge in this sense is the beginning of a wonderful life. Which you can arrange for yourself every day.

“Know-it-alls are like those who keep their doors closed. Everyone who knows me knows that my office doors are always open-this reflects my way of thinking and how I used to act…

Every day reminds me how much I don’t know. Each new knowledge makes me realize how much I still don’t know. Fortunately, I don’t have the pride to call myself a know-it-all, so every new day challenges me.”

Constantly learning is a good habit that requires discipline. But it allows you to move forward.

Golf is a game that allows you to relax and concentrate at the same time:”Golf allows you to find a balance that can not always be felt in the office.” Balance. And passion.

“When you do what you like, you always win, so after spending many happy hours on Golf courses, I decided to build my own,” writes Donald trump in his book.And not one, because you need to earn money with a passion for the business that you do. “People who are passionate never give up because they have no reason to, no matter what their circumstances are.” Take away the passion and your product will be just normal.

Develop your ego
Enough, of course. If the ego is completely absent, it means that the person really has very little life force, and if there is too much of it, he becomes a dictator. Keep the balance — and you will have a great tool that will help you win. For example, you can completely trample an opponent by just saying: “Whatever you say…” So you will crush his ego and completely disarm him. You will have the opportunity to take a breath and stop wasting energy fighting with a person who imagines himself to be a deity.

Avoid shaking hands

“I am an inveterate optimist. I realized a long time ago that my productivity increased dramatically after I learned to get rid of negativity in any form as quickly as possible.”

Donald trump hates handshakes because they spread germs: the bacteria that are transmitted through them are the same negative thoughts and circumstances that need to be quickly disposed of.Negativity is a form of fear, and fear is paralyzing. In addition, negative thoughts can indicate low self-esteem, and this will have to work. “Maybe you were baled too often. I know how to deal with this, because I have received these punches myself more than once. It is important to look at them and see that they are just pokes. But you don’t have to open up to them unless you choose to do so.Now I see poking more as an opportunity and a chance to look into the soul of the person who is doing it.” Change the record: instead of worrying, evaluate how much you have achieved and how much you still have to do.

Do your homework
We learn about any high-profile success overnight, without thinking about what work preceded it.


This applies to any field, and in this sense, a construction developer is no different from a classical pianist.

In business, you need to understand the essence of the process, and for this you need to do some homework. When you start a business for the first time, first find out what it is, otherwise it may turn out that you are “barking up the wrong tree”.

“We can all learn from our mistakes, but I prefer success. When people say to me, “Well, it was an interesting experience,” I understand that it’s about something that didn’t go as planned.”

Spend three hours a day thinking
We live in a world that is too noisy, where you should spend three hours a day in silence to maintain your balance.

For Donald trump, spending time in silence means reading.

“For me, early morning is the best time. I usually get up around 5 am, so I have time to read Newspapers and magazines.”
“In the evenings, after a dinner party, I go to the grocery store for chips and pretzels. This is my dinner — I never eat at formal parties, I prefer fast food.”

Win by persuading
One of the most important principles of successful negotiations is that in order to win, you need to be persuasive, not strong — you need to make sure that your ideas are accepted. Practice the art of persuasion. And don’t think that if you’ve already learned how to talk other people down, it means that you can now win people over to your side: “the meeting Room is not a pub on the corner.”

In fact, the principles are simple.

When negotiating, use well-understood metaphors and analogies, do not talk down to people, show that you are on the same level with them.

Joke: humor helps break the ice.

Be confident and assertive, but don’t turn into a bulldozer — it can push you away.
Remember: you need people to accept your ideas, not give in to you because they are afraid of you or simply tired. Let the opponent think that he is making the decision, then he will have the feeling that he is in control of the situation.

The best negotiators are chameleons
Their demeanor, attitude to the situation, and behavior change depending on who they are dealing with, so it makes sense to learn as much as possible about the opposite side when entering into negotiations.

If you don’t know anything about these people, let them talk as much as possible, listen to the sound of their voice, watch their body language, and try to determine whether they really need this deal or just want to show off. But it is better to ask in advance who is in front of you and what he needs.

Eye for eye
This important old Testament principle, Donald trump is ready to defend before anyone, even before Christian priests:

“For years, I’ve said that if someone yells at you, yell back. I once made the mistake of stating this in front of a group of twenty priests. I was hot.

One of them immediately said: “My son, you seemed to me a more pleasant person.” To which I replied: “Father, I respect you. You will go to heaven. I probably don’t, but honestly, as long as we’re on earth, I’m going to live by my principles.”

When you are offended, respond as harshly as possible… “the world Around us is a jungle, and we are worse than animals in it. At least they do it for food, and we do it for the excitement of hunting.”

However, do not devote too much effort to trying to avenge the offense, sometimes it is better to spend this energy on your own Affairs. If you have already mastered the art of putting aside all unpleasant things, it is better to do so. Still, no one should be allowed to be fooled.

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