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10 career lessons that most people learn too late

Popular author of several bestsellers, management consulting specialist Bernard Marr shares 10 important lessons to learn before your career comes to its natural conclusion.

Life is really too short
Especially to waste it on a job you hate, a boss who doesn’t even notice you, and a company that doesn’t have a soul.

Many people convince themselves that they should put up with their unloved job, even if it makes them completely unhappy, just because they need to get paid, or because they don’t know if they can find another job, or simply because they are afraid to change anything in their life.

However, the bitter truth is that none of us know how long it will be on this planet, and we spend too much time on things that we absolutely do not like, and this only increases the frustration and regret in the future.

If you are in a similar situation, take a step-no matter how big — just a step to fix the situation. Don’t wait too long.

Social networks have value
This is not about Facebook or Twitter. This is about the role of networking in our careers and lives. You may think that corporate events, trainings and presentations are a waste of time, as well as conversations with colleagues at the office water cooler. You can consider yourself an introvert, and even be one, it doesn’t matter. But one study after another confirms that social interactions are the Foundation of career success.

Fact: the most successful people tend to have extensive connections both inside and outside of their business.

So the more effort you put into building useful contacts and relationships with people, the more likely you will be successful.

Success is not worth your health
There is no special valor in sacrificing your health for money and career. While you are working your ass off, feeling like a hero, successful business people are spending time and energy trying to find a healthy balance between work and normal life, deal with professional burnout, and solve serious health problems caused by constant stress and overwork.

But in General, it is much easier to stay healthy than to try to solve problems and cure diseases in some conditionally prosperous future, which, by the way, may not come. And even if it does, you can’t compensate for your health with money and success.

So do not take your health for granted, take steps to relieve work stress, which can develop into an illness.

The best moments of your life don’t happen in your smartphone
In today’s high-tech world, we are tempted to let small smart devices dictate how we should live.
But just think about the fact that you will never improve your life or move up the career ladder just by constantly checking your email or viewing your social media feed.

So don’t forget to disconnect and log out of the Network in real life.

Never stop learning
The pace of development of modern technologies and everything connected with them eloquently indicates that if you fold your hands and decide that you already know enough to continue studying, you risk being among the numerous army of stragglers in less than a year. Even if your profession is not directly related to the IT sphere.

The idiom that an old dog can’t be taught new tricks only works in a circus (and that’s not a fact), and you will never regret spending time, effort, and money learning something new. It is not so important whether this knowledge will be in demand at your job or not — the very process of constant training does not allow you to become stupid.

Diversification always goes hand in hand with learning. If you try hard to do only what you know, or what you do best, you will quickly find that you can’t do anything else.

We have to be quick and interested in a lot of different things: the salesman must be interested in marketing, product management, and have some understanding of SMM, as well as Vice versa. Otherwise, over time, you risk being out of business. Just think of the “bombers” that Uber has actually supplanted, and the customer service managers who are methodically “classed” as a thing of the past thanks to chatbots.

You can move fast enough alone, but you can move even faster with someone else
In other words, a dream job is always the result of teamwork. Many people claim that they don’t like working in a team. And this is for nothing. Because the ability to work well in a team is vital if you decide to achieve something seriously in your work.

The idea of a single author is a myth. Every big idea and every single genius still needs a team. Otherwise, the idea will not be heard, implemented and demanded.

Excitement doesn’t help you achieve your goals
The antidote to fear and anxiety is decisive action. If you waste time worrying about what others will think of you and whether your idea is good enough to be heard, you will not achieve your goals.

However, if you overcome your fear and anxiety and start acting, you will almost certainly find that there was no special reason to worry.

Failure is not the end
If you give up every time you fail, you will never learn anything.

But if you, instead of hanging up your nose, see failure as an opportunity and a great reason to start something new, then in this case, even purely statistically, you will succeed in something else with a much greater probability.

Happiness is not a destination, but the journey itself
So many people put off the very possibility of feeling happy. They think something like this: “I will be happy when I get this job, when I lose weight, when I start a relationship, or finally when I get divorced…” – and so on indefinitely.

Actually, being happy is a matter of habit and choice. And the situation often doesn’t matter. But if you can relate to “happiness” in this way, you will become more successful.

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